STEP Prep Summer School 2014

Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:

Congratulations on all your hard work at STEP Prep Summer School 2014. This page has lots of useful links to material we worked on during the week, admissions information, and the NRICH STEP Prep Programme that you might wish to use to help you to prepare.

Introduction resources:
Nine Colours
A first product sudoku (see also our other sudoku puzzles)
Triangle Mid Points
Pair Sums

Problem Solving - see STEP Prep Module 1
Alison's PowerPoint on How to Solve Problems 
Problem Sheet 1 
Answer Sheet 1

Equations and Inequalities
Problem Sheet 2
Answer Sheet 2 

Clever Substitutions - see STEP Prep Module 6
Problem Sheet 3
Answer Sheet 3

Proof - see STEP Prep Module 3
Problem Sheet 4

MAT Calculus Problems
Calculus Practice