Follow up from NQT Day 2014

Age 3 to 18

It was good to meet you all here in Cambridge on the 10th July. As promised, here are powerpoints and links to tasks and articles we shared with you.

Have a good summer break when it comes!!

Best wishes from the NRICH team.


Lynne's welcome - opening slides NQT intro.pptx 

Liz and Lynne morning session - 20140710NQTPrimarySession1.ppt

Jennie and Bernard morning session - 20140710NQTPrimarySession1.ppt

Charlie and Alison morning session
M, M and M
Isosceles Triangles
Factors and Multiples Puzzle

Mike Askew's plenary powerpoint  2014-07-10 - Cambridge - Final.pptx 

Liz and Lynne afternoon session - 20140710NQTPrimarySession2.ppt

Jennie and Bernard afternoon session - 20140710NQTPrimarySession1.ppt

Charlie and Alison afternoon session
Pair Products
Shifting Times Tables
What Numbers Can We Make?
Take Three from Five
Charlie's Delightful Machine
Factors and Multiples Game