Cambridge Science Festival 2014

Age 11 to 16

As part of our contribution to the 2014 Cambridge Science Festival we ran two events for students. Below are details of the sessions and links to NRICH problems that encourage you to think mathematically.

Convincing Yourself, Convincing Others 

Do you enjoy thought-provoking questions? Can you develop convincing arguments? Join Charlie Gilderdale to work on some of his favourite mathematical problems that will challenge you to notice patterns, develop convincing arguments and refine your powers of persuasion.

Dancing Factorisation
Last Biscuit
Route to Infinity

Thinking Mathematically

Join Charlie Gilderdale to work on some of his favourite mathematical problems from the NRICH collection, and discover that everyone can think mathematically. Come prepared to explore, discuss, conjecture, question, explain and generalise!

Here are some of the problems we worked on:
Dancing Factorisation
Magic Potting Sheds

These, and many similar problems, can be found in our Thinking Mathematically collection.

Ever thought about how important it is for mathematicians to be creative?

Good mathematicians often:
ask good questions
link ideas that are not obviously connected
notice patterns or structures
make conjectures
find new ways to apply familiar techniques
find new ways to visualise or represent ideas
are not afraid to make mistakes

To encourage you to be a more creative mathematician, we will be publishing a range of new resources.
Our first collection focuses on the mathematics that can be explored on Dotty Grids.

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