Mona's Day

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Mona's Day

The clocks below show some important times during Mona's day.

Using the times on the clocks, can you describe what you think Emma might do in a day?

Why do this problem?

This problem aims to link together telling the time with the concept of time passing. It offers practice for children in telling the time on an analogue clock but also allows them to be imaginative. Once pupils have made up their own descriptions, it might be appropriate to share some with the rest of the class. A few words could be written under a picture of each clock face to indicate what Emma was doing at that time. This would allow you to talk with the children about how much time had passed between different events.

Possible approach

You could print off this sheet which contains the four clock faces.  If laminated and cut into four cards, it could be reused. 

It would be worth simply giving out a set of the cards to each pair and giving them time to talk to each other before saying anything else.  You could then lead into the task itself.

Key questions

Which clock tells the earliest time?
Which clock tells the latest time?
Can you order the clocks?
Perhaps you could think about what you do at each of these times?

Possible extension

Children could make four clock faces of their own to show special times in their day.