Think Plan Communicate Mathematically

Age 5 to 14

Follow up pages for the St Neot's project 

Day 1 September 16th 2013

Arrays, Multiplication and Division.

Mystery Matrix 
Factors and multiples game 
American Billions 
Method in Multiplying Madness
Multiplication and division collections KS1 
Multiplication and division collections KS2

Day 2 November 11 2013
Halving powerpoint
Bryony's Triangle
Cuisenaire environment
Dominoes environment
Guess the Dominoes
Amy's Dominoes
Dice in a corner
Magic Vs

Day 3 January 20th 2014
Linked tasks for algebra
Up and down staircases
Magic Vs
Shapes times shape
Group worthy task article
Guess the Houses
Guess the Dominoes
Counters in the Middle