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Generalising. Area. Circumferences. Perimeters. interested. Circles. Visualising. smartphone. Pythagoras' theorem.

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Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Each of the following shapes is made from arcs of a circle of radius r. What is the perimeter of a shape with 3, 4, 5 and n "nodes".

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Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3

A security camera, taking pictures each half a second, films a cyclist going by. In the film, the cyclist appears to go forward while the wheels appear to go backwards. Why?

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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3

Two circles of equal radius touch at P. One circle is fixed whilst the other moves, rolling without slipping, all the way round. How many times does the moving coin revolve before returning to P?

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Watching the Wheels Go 'round and 'round

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Use this information to work out whether the front or back wheel of this bicycle gets more wear and tear.