National Young Mathematicians' Award 2012

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1
For the third year running, NRICH worked with Explore Learning to create the National Young Mathematicians' Award (NYMA) 2012.  (For details of the 2013 event, see this page.)

Teams of four primary children from schools across the UK competed at regional events before five were selected to come to NRICH HQ in Cambridge for the final.  The five finalists were:

St Mark’s CE Junior School, Salisbury
Larmenier and Sacred Heart, Hammersmith
George Heriots, Edinburgh
Knaphill School, Woking
Lincroft Middle School, Oakley
, Bedford

And the winners were ... Knaphill!  Congratulations to them!

The tasks used in the preliminary rounds were Make Those Bracelets and Snake Coils.  We hope that you will enjoy having a go at them, even if you didn't take part in the NYMA.

The problem used in the final was Dice in a Corner.

If you are interested in participating in future years, you may find it helpful to have a go at the activities listed here.

You may also wish to look at the activities which have featured in previous years' competitions:
2010 - Button-up, Button-up Some More, Curious Number and Inky Cube
2011 - Walking the Squares, So It's Times, It's Times Again and Building with Rods