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Heads and Feet

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Josh of Alameda Middle School, Ampthill, Beds sends the following solution:

There are five hens.

I got this answer because H + S = 8 and 2H + 4S = 22. Times the first equation by two gives 2H + 2S = 16. Take this away from the second equation gives 2S = 6. So S = 3. That is the number of sheep. If there are 3 sheep, taking 3 from eight means there must be 5 hens.

From Pixi:

There are 5 hens and 3 sheep. I did this by saying 4x4 sheep is 16, then added four hens, which made 24, so if I took away a sheep, and added a hen, I would have 22 feet!'

From Linda and Rosie in Paisley:

Here is our answer and how we got it:

3 sheep and 5 hens

We worked out different ways to make 8 and started with 4+4. We found that this gave us too high an answer for the legs, so we decided to cut down on the number of sheep. We then tried 3 sheep and 5 hens and got the solution.'