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Cubic Conundrum

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3

Cubic Conundrum

Net of a cube with faces shaded in varying ways

Which of the following cubes can be made from the net above?

Cube A Cube B Cube C
Cube D Cube E Cube F

Is it possible to shade one more section of the net of the cube (perhaps like in the diagram below) and be able to give the same answer? Convince me.

Pupils could be challenged to visualise how the different cubes could be constructed from the net.

Perhaps working in pairs, pupils could try to convince each other why (and how) certain cubes can be made, and why certain cubes cannot be made.

Copies of the printed sheets, scissors and sticky tape could be made available at a later stage to allow pupils to cut up the net and make the various cubes.

The second part of the problem could be tackled in a similar way.