Past Features

Playing with Numbers

Stage: 1

Play around with numbers - what can you find out?

Playing with Dice

Stage: 1

Find a friend and play our dice games.

Playing with 2D Shape

Stage: 1

Have a go at these shapely tasks ...


Stage: 1

Have a go at these activities and don't be afraid to record in whatever way you like.

Working Systematically

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Having an order or pattern to the way you work will really help with these activities.

Getting Better at Group Work

Stage: 1

Have a go at these lower primary activities to improve your group-working skills.

Number Patterns

Stage: 1

Explore these lower primary activities which focus on making, recognising and continuing number patterns.

Strategy Games

Stage: 1

Playing these games will help you get better at logical thinking.


Stage: 1

These activities all make use of counters but in different ways.


Stage: 1

This lower primary feature brings together activities which make use of geoboards.


Stage: 1

The activities in this feature give you chance to explore fractions.

Number Sense and Place Value

Stage: 1

This lower primary feature focuses on number sense and place value.

Number Facts

Stage: 1

These activities will help you know and use number facts.