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Happy Birthday NRICH!

To celebrate NRICH's 20th birthday, we are bringing together some rich mathematical activities that we think are 'hidden gems'.  You may not have come across these tasks before, perhaps because some of them are quite new, whereas others are rather old, but all of them are worth exploring.  Get your mathematical thinking hat on!
Up and Down Staircases link

Up and Down Staircases live

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

One block is needed to make an up-and-down staircase, with one step up and one step down. How many blocks would be needed to build an up-and-down staircase with 5 steps up and 5 steps down?

Always, Sometimes or Never? Shape link

Always, Sometimes or Never? Shape live

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Are these statements always true, sometimes true or never true?

Exploring Number Patterns You Make link

Exploring Number Patterns You Make live

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Explore Alex's number plumber. What questions would you like to ask? What do you think is happening to the numbers?

Ice Cream link

Ice Cream live

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3

You cannot choose a selection of ice cream flavours that includes totally what someone has already chosen. Have a go and find all the different ways in which seven children can have ice cream.

Method in Multiplying Madness? link

Method in Multiplying Madness? live

Stage: 2 and 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Watch our videos of multiplication methods that you may not have met before. Can you make sense of them?