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How Do You See It?

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Here are some little problems.
How would you put them on paper using
- words?
- pictures?
- numbers?
- objects?
- other ways?

Zoe had these three sweets.

Her friend Rajneet gave her two more. How many has Zoe got now?

Karala had 8 dolls.

She gave 3 of them to her little sister. How many dolls has Karala got now?

It was Toby's birthday and he had 6 birthday cards.

The postman brought some more cards for him and Toby now has 9 cards.

How many cards did the postman bring to Toby?

Si had 8 balloons looking bright and bouncy.

Some then popped and he only had 5 left that were bright and bouncy.

How many had popped?


Some children were walking to school together.

Three more joined them.

Now there were 9 children altogether.

How many were walking together first of all?


Marcus had some coins in his pocket.

Sadly he lost 7 of them, now he only

has three coins. How many coins

were there before he lost them?