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If the World Were a Village

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

It was good to read your responses to the question of data representation.

We have chosen four solutions, each sent in from a different country - very fitting for this problem. 

Ciaran  from English Martyrs School in England wrote:


I think on the problem with the villages the one with one picture and $100$ next to it because its easier than counting all the people. on the flag one the grid is the best way instead of drawing $100$ flags.


From Vincent & Salambô  at Lycée Henri Matisse  in France we had;


For the first question about the population of the village, we choose the drawing with the heads organized in a square rather than the drawing with the head scrambled. Because in a square of side $10$ we understand easily that the area is $100$. Thus to symbolise $100$ people the best is to draw a square of side $10$ little heads.


From St. Martin's Gully School, Australia Ben wrote:

In the first graph with the people, I think the first one is best because its meaning is easiest to decipher. In the one with flags, I think the second graph is clearest because it is not as messy as the first one.


From Dubai in UAE we had a response from Amatuliah at Alameen Private School who wrote that for question $1$ the first way was best and for question $2$ the third one was best.


What do you think?