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Why do this problem?

This activity acts as a further extension to Two on Five. It's an activity that is intended to give opportunities for those pupils to explore deeply using their intuition and flair in the area of spatial awareness, also with an opportunity to create a system for solving such problems.

Possible approach

As this activity is three star and is intended to challenge the best ones  in the class., it might be presented as on the website or in a one-to-one situation, encouraging discussion between adult and pupil. The pupils may need access to a computer program for drawing solutions.

Key questions

Tell me about what you have found.
Can you describe the ways that you arrived at these shape arrangements?
How did you construct these on the computer?

Possible extension

For those who are successful they should be encouraged to try Building with longer rods.

Possible support

It will probably be helpful to have interlocking cubes available and different kinds of squared paper.