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Ip Dip

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Tommy from Oswald Road Primary School gave a very clear general way of describing where you would want to stand. He wrote:

If there are $8$ or more players, be $8$th.
If there are fewer than $8$ players, keep subtracting the number of players from $8$ as many times as you can, but don't get to $0$ or less. The remainder you are left with is the position you should be in.

Well done, Tommy. Amanda from Knights Templar wrote this in a slightly different way and explains where the number $8$ has come from:

If the number of people is less than $8$ (the number of words) then you do $8$ - the number of people $= n$. You position yourself where $n$ is said, so if $ n = 5$ you would make sure you were $5$th. If the number of people is more than the amount of words ($8$) then you just go $8$th as then the last word would end on you.

Thanks to both of you and to Ed, Llewellyn and Alistair from St Peter's. I wonder how you reached these conclusions? It would be interesting to know what you had tried to get you this far.