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Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Well, let's have a look at doing some simple turning.
Here's something to do at the computer, or you can make a similar thing from card (see the Notes Section ).

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Use your mouse to move the green or red part of the discs. Can you make a turning that shows what:
a) a book being opened looks like from above?
b) turning a volume knob on your music player looks like?
c) a bicycle wheel looks like when going along?
d) a door would look like from above as it's being opened?
e) what a hamster wheel looks like when the hamster's running inside it?

Describe and then show some other things that you do or have seen, that turn in this way.

You can also have challenges that are just to do with the picture you see, for example, can you make the turning shape appear on the other side?
Can you make the red part twice the size of the green?
Have fun! You're experiencing Angles - the way turning is measured.