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100 Square Jigsaw

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Well done to all those of you who sent in solutions. We were particularly looking for explanations of how you completed the jigsaw. Many of you suggested starting with the piece which had the zero on. Katie from Queen's Lower School said:

Look for the first number which would be $0$ and put that in place. That bit will also fill in other numbers so you keep looking for the next number that has to be filled in. If you keep filling it in like that you should do it really easily.

Upper Blue Class at the Grange Junior School wrote:

We completed this as a class and worked as a team. We looked at the numbers and saw if they matched and then put the piece in like a jigsaw. We helped each other by counting on to see if they were in the right places.

Here is the image they sent:

completed square