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Sort the Street

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1
This challenge seemed to give quite a few pupils things to think about and certain decisions to be made.
Lydz and Lilz from Linton Village College said;

There are seven possible groups:
$1$. colour of doors
$2$. colour of roofs
$3$. number of storeys
$4$. amount of windows
$5$. size of the windows
$6$. placing of windows
$7$. size of chimneys

Kali from Burnside Primary of South Australia had a lovely way to show the results - well done for thinking that one out. I like that idea of presenting the answer with a kind of mind-map.

Lauren and Toby from Llandovery Prep School in Wales each sent in a solution like this:

There are $3$ houses with green doors.
There are $3$ houses with blue doors.
There are $3$ houses with black doors.
There are $3$ houses with $3$ storeys.
There are $4$ houses with grey rooves.
There are $5$ houses with red rooves.
There are $3$ houses with small chimneys.
There are $5$ houses with big chimneys.
There are $3$ houses with a line of symetry.
There are $3$ houses with $3$ windows.
There are $6$ houses with $5$ windows.
Georgia from Brewers Hill Middle School sent in the following;

$3$ green
$3$ black
$3$ blue

$3$ tall houses
$6$ short houses


roof colour:
$4$ grey roofs
$5$ red roofs

$3$ windows = $3$ houses
$5$ windows = $6$ houses

Well done all of you and if you are looking at this challenge and the solutions for the first time perhaps you could find other ways of doing the sorting?

Noah from Goodwyn School came up with 8 solutions as follows

Door Colour - blue, green or black
Number of windows - 3 or 5
Roof colour - grey or brown
Amount of floors - 2 or 3
Position of door - right or middle
Number of section in window - 4 or 6
Positioning of windows
Height of roof - small or big

Thank you Noah for sending that in - it may be useful for others, as you said. Well Done !

Elijah from the Independent Jewish Day School wrote in with his solutions

There are 3 houses with blue doors
​There are 3 houses with green doors
​There are 3 houses with black doors
There are 3 houses with 3 small windows
​There are 3 houses with 5 small windows
There are 3 houses with 4 small windows and one big window
​There are 3 houses big houses 
There are 3 houses medium houses
​There are 3 houses small houses
There are 3 houses 6 houses with a door on the right
There are 3 houses with a door in the middle
There are 4 houses with a grey roof
There are 5 houses with a red roof

Well done Elijah and thank you for the notes about how you went about the task.