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Warmsnug Double Glazing

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Start by looking at the windows with only one pane.

Are there any windows that use the same amount of glass?
How do their frame lengths differ?
Are there any windows that use the same amount of frame?
How do their glass areas differ?

Click to reveal a handy table with the areas and frame lengths of all the windows:

  Length of frame Area Cost
A 28 32 £880
B 16 15 £470
C 12 8 £320
D 20 16 £560
E 18 12 £550
F 12 9 £330
G 26 24 £760
H 8 3 £190
I 14 12 £400
J 8 4 £200
K 17 12 £460
L 23 20 £660
M 24 36 £840
N 20 24 £640
O 16 12 £440