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Calendar Capers

Choose any three by three square of dates on a calendar page. Circle any number on the top row, put a line through the other numbers that are in the same row and column as your circled number. Repeat this for a number of your choice from the second row. You should now have just one number left on the bottom row, circle it. Find the total for the three numbers circled. Compare this total with the number in the centre of the square. What do you find? Can you explain why this happens?

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Clock Squares

Square numbers can be represented on the seven-clock (representing these numbers modulo 7). This works like the days of the week.

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Football Champs

Three teams have each played two matches. The table gives the total number points and goals scored for and against each team. Fill in the table and find the scores in the three matches.


Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3
How many games did team C draw?
How could team B have earned 5 points?
How many goals did team C score?
How many goals did team B concede?
Can the numbers in the Drawn column add up to an odd number?
What is the relationship between the total number of matches won andthe total number of matches lost?