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What Is the Time?

Can you put these times on the clocks in order? You might like to arrange them in a circle.

Time Line

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The majority of you answering this problem had very similar ideas. Some of you explained very clearly how you had worked out your solution. Emily from Aldermaston C of E Primary School said:

I think that the best way to solve 'Time Line' was to use logic e.g $6$ o'clock is a bit early to be up so it must be in the evening.
I looked at the times shown on the clocks and thought about what I did each day at the times shown. This is what I got:
$9$ o'clock: Start of School
Half past $12$: Lunch Time
Half past $3$: End of School
$6$ o'clock: Dinner

Well done, Emily. Jessica, also from Aldermaston, wrote:

I decided if it was am and pm first. I don't think that half past $12$ am is a very important time in Emma's day because she would be asleep, so then I decided it was half past $12$ pm.
1: At school Emma walks into her class room ready for her lessons.
2: Emma goes into the hall ready to eat her lunch.
3: Emma rushes into the playground to wait for her mum, because it is home time.
4: Emma's family sit down together at the table to eat their dinner.

Amber from Monkwick Junior School had a very similar description of Emma's day, but she thought that at 3.30pm, she might meet friends rather than go straight home.