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We are continually evaluating our work and welcome comments and suggestions from our users.

The evaluation of the Fast Forward project, (2008-2011), funded by Goldman Sachs and carried out by Dr Wai Yi Feng can be read here.

The final evaluation report of the project Enriching Mathematics: Helping All Students to SHINE was published in 2007. This evaluation was carried out by Cathy Smith, Homerton College, Cambridge.

Evaluation 2005: An evaluation with a primary focus on the navigability and usability of the NRICH site was carried out by Jennifer Green, NRICH Research Assistant. A PowerPoint presentation is available for download.

Evaluation 2001: An evaluation of the project was undertaken by Jacqui Stanford of the University of Cambridge. An executive summary and a full report are available to download.

Evaluation 1999: Keith Jones and Helen Simons of the University of Southampton conducted an independent evaluation of NRICH during the academic year 1999.  The full report is published by the University of Southampton: Online Mathematics Enrichment: an evaluation of the NRICH project by Keith Jones and Helen Simons. ISBN085432 701 0. The full report at £5 per copy (incl. p&p) can be ordered by email from: enquiries.nrich@maths.org

Evaluations 1996/7 and 1997/8: Evaluations were conducted each year and reports written by Libby Jared of Homerton College Cambridge and both full text of the 1997/8 evaluation and a precis are available. The NRICH team would like to thank all the teachers, pupils and parents who filled in the questionnaires.