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We are continually evaluating our work and welcome comments and suggestions from our users.

The evaluation of the Fast Forward project, (2008-2011), funded by Goldman Sachs and carried out by Dr Wai Yi Feng can be read here.

The final evaluation report of the project Enriching Mathematics: Helping All Students to SHINE was published in 2007. This evaluation was carried out by Cathy Smith, Homerton College, Cambridge.

Evaluation 2005: An evaluation with a primary focus on the navigability and usability of the NRICH site was carried out by Jennifer Green, NRICH Research Assistant. A PowerPoint presentation is available for download.

Evaluation 2001: An evaluation of the project was undertaken by Jacqui Stanford of the University of Cambridge. An executive summary and a full report are available to download.

Evaluation 1999: Keith Jones and Helen Simons of the University of Southampton conducted an independent evaluation of NRICH during the academic year 1999. An executive summary is available online . The full report is published by the University of Southampton: Online Mathematics Enrichment: an evaluation of the NRICH project by Keith Jones and Helen Simons. ISBN085432 701 0. The full report at £5 per copy (incl. p&p) can be ordered by email from: nrich@damtp.cam.ac.uk

Evaluations 1996/7 and 1997/8: Evaluations were conducted each year and reports written by Libby Jared of Homerton College Cambridge and both full text of the 1997/8 evaluation and a precis are available. The NRICH team would like to thank all the teachers, pupils and parents who filled in the questionnaires.