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We have been inundated with solutions to this problem - thank you so much! It is very difficult to pick some names to mention. Deiniol explained:

I found the answer by dividing the total number of each item of food by 2 (because there were two boys!). Each boy will have - 2 slices of pizza, 4 tomatoes, a carton of orange juice, half an apple and 2 muffins.

Anna and Eden from West Hill Primary wrote:

They would split the apple in half. They would have half a pizza each, two muffins each, four tomatoes each and one drink each.

Of course this is exactly the same as Deiniol's solution, but the amount of pizza is given in a slightly different way.

Alisha and Madalena at Victoria Road Primary sent a very clear solution:

We found out that we had to split all the food and drink in to half because there are two people.

We know they get half a pizza each and this is 2 slices because the pizza is cut in quarters and we know that two quarters is the same as a half.

They would get 4 tomatoes each because half of 8 is 4.

Half of an apple each because they only have 1 apple and 1 whole cut in to 2 is half.

2 muffins each because half of 4 is 2.

1 juice each because half of 2 is 1.

Children from Oakfield Prep School drew pictures to help them work out how much picnic each boy would get.  You can see their pictures in the following files:


Thank you to everyone and I'm sorry that we cannot mention you all.