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Making Sticks

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Sarah, Evan, Lucas and Daniel from the Buchan School on the Isle of Man sent in the following explanation and picture of their work:

Yes they can make their lines be the same length if Kimie used three of her sticks and Sebastian used two of his sticks. Each of the sticks are 6 cubes long.  If it is both lines together then that would make 12 cubes. If there are only the amount of sticks in the picture then no but if there more sticks then yes.

Thank you Buchan School for your solutions - it's good to hear from pupils on the Isle of Man.

Rebecca in Colchester wrote:

Kimie needs three sticks, Sebastian needs two, the line is 6 altogether.

Other solutions are:

Kimi 6, Sebastian 4, Length 12
Kimi 9, Sebastian 6, Length 18
Kimi 12, Sebastian 8, Length 24

Alistair from Histon and Impington Infants School said:
Yes they can make their lines the same length. Kimie could use three sticks for Sebastian's two. They would both make a line six cubes long. They can make other lines the same length. These will be in the 6 times table.

That's a helpful observation about the lines always being in the 6 times table, Alistair.