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A Bowl of Fruit

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Alistair who goes to Histon Infants School said there are 6 apples in the bowl because there are six other fruits.

Children from Mef School in Turkey explained it like this:

1+2+3= 6 Half of the total fruits is equal to the number of apples. They showed this in a picture: @
3 oranges, 2 pears and a banana apples

In the second question, Alistair wrote: There are ten other fruits, so there are 5 apples (and 5 oranges).

Pupils at Mef School said:

4+3+3 = 10 (half of the total fruits)
10/2= 5 so a quarter of the total fruits is equal to the number of apples