World of Tan 4 - Monday Morning

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

This is a continuation of the story in World of Tan 3 - Mai Ling .

It is Monday morning, the start of another week.

Three men are approaching the yard of Granma T's removal firm, as they do every day. One man is slightly ahead of the other two who are dawdling.

Here is Wei Ping:

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Here is Wah Ming:

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Lastly, here is Chi Wing, the foreman.

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The older man, Chi Wing, turns round to tell the others to hurry up. After all he is the foreman and it is his job to keep them busy.

Wai Ping, the younger of the two men, continues to whistle and fails to hear the foreman. Wah Ming always attentive, begins to jogtrot into the office. Once there he puts the kettle on for tea as he always does at the start of every workday.

Chi Wing and Wai Ping enter the office together and both scrutinise the job sheets for the week that have been prepared by Mai Ling, who does not arrive for work till much later.

"Looks as though we have a busy week ahead," says Chi Wing.

"Oh dear," groans Wai Ping who is still tired from his weekend.

"But think of the money you will earn, you lazy good for nothing cousin of mine," bellows Wah Ming.

Tea is eventually made and all three sit down around the large office table and begin to plan exactly how the jobs for the week are to be done.

While they are busy you can complete the silhouette of all three men. There are some more activities here .

The story continues in World of Tan 5 - Rocket .