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Matching Fractions Decimals Percentages

Stage: 2 and 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

The cards come in pairs and you start with 100 points. You click on two cards to flip them over, if they match you win 50 points, if not you lose 5 points for each card. Try again. Remember where the different numbers are so that you can match each card with its partner. The game finishes when you have matched all the pairs.

The Maths is in the Matching

The numbers on these cards are represented by fractions or by decimals or by percentages and you have to match two representations of the same number.
One third is the number you get when you divide one by three. One third can be represented in all the following different ways:

$$\frac{1}{3} \mbox{ or as an equivalent fraction e.g. } \frac{3}{9} \mbox{ or } \frac{5}{15}$$

$$0.3333... = 0.3 \mbox{ recurring } = 0.\bar{3}$$

$$33 \frac{1}{3} \%$$