STEP Preparation


STEP Prep Module 1

Working through this module will help you to consolidate your existing knowledge before extending your thinking. For more details about the STEP prep programme, READ THIS.

This module is intended to improve your problem-solving skills. What does a good mathematical problem solver do when presented with a problem they haven't met before? What can you do when you get stuck? Read our advice and then put it into practice by tackling the problems.
A Guide to Problem Solving link

A Guide to Problem Solving 

Stage: 5

This article has lots of useful tips on becoming a skilful problem solver.

Problems with Many Solution Methods link

Problems with Many Solution Methods 

Stage: 5

These problems can each be solved in many ways. Have a go at finding your own solution, and then look at the different ways others approached them.

Classic Problems link

Classic Problems 

Stage: 5

These problems are all fairly well-known problems that we think all mathematics students should meet at some point in their education.

Citi Foundation logoWe are grateful to the Citi Foundation for their generous support for the development of this STEP preparation programme.